Creating and Using An Email Address at Your Domain Name |

Creating and Using A Custom Email Address at Your Domain Name

Being able to boast a email address isn't as complicated as you might think - and it can be done without spending a dime. Using an email at your own domain is more professional and helps you brand your site. In order to create and use this email address for free, you just need access to your cPanel and a free Gmail account you can connect it to. I'll show you how to create ... Learn more →

Create Clickable Excerpts in Genesis |

Create Clickable Excerpts in Genesis

When you make the entirety of your excerpts links, you allow readers to easily navigate to the full article. Doing this in Genesis is actually quite simple, because you don't need to edit any files or loops - just insert your link where you need it, then close it off at the end. Insert the link Add the following code to your functions file in order to make your excerpt ... Learn more →

How to receive great assistance from volunteer-based forums

How to receive great assistance from volunteer-based forums

Ever asked a question no a forum and been confused as to why you didn't get a response? Been frustrated with the lack of support you've received, or the quality of it? How did you respond to these feelings? Did you think to yourself, "how can I fixed this?" If not, you should have! I DIYed my blog for YEARS before going to University and learning about programming. Some of the forum help I ... Learn more →

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Page Template: List Posts by Category

Today I'm sharing a WordPress custom page template that will allow you to list all your posts by category. While I'm usually focusing on creating highly visual indices for my clients, that isn't always the case. While this page template can be altered to display additional information, it currently has a very simplified output: category name followed by linked post titles to all content in that ... Learn more →


Once Coupled site lives!

Sometimes, you have to celebrate the little things. The Once Coupled site is running! I still feel really frazzled about my site's presentation right now, but I have to remind myself that I can't complain - I have enough work, with more coming in, to keep me overly busy! At least I have a central location to direct questions to again. :) There are bits that I've had time to really ... Learn more →

Making the Switch: An introduction to the WordPress Dashboard |

Making the Switch: An introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard can look overwhelming at first glance. In fact, it's more straightforward than you may imagine. I'm going to guide you through a brief introduction to the WordPress Dashboard, working my way, in order, through the various menus available. Top Menu My Sites WordPress multi-site feature, this is how a contributor of multiple sites in a single installation navigates between ... Learn more →

Moving from to |

Making the Switch: Moving from to

Moving to a self-hosted WordPress.ORG installation is a big step up in most cases. If you're coming from a WordPress.COM site, there is some good news and some bad news for you. Good News It's super easy to transfer your content. You're familiar with most of your site already! You can keep your followers. Bad News Keeping your SEO comes at a price. Transferring your ... Learn more →

Adding interest groups to Genesis eNews Extended sign up |

Adding interest groups to Genesis eNews Extended sign up

Targeting your content to certain readers can increase click through rates and reader retention. With MailChimp, you can do this with a feature called interest groups. These groups may be something functional like letting your readers choose if they want daily emails or weekly emails, or categorical like finding out what topics your readers are most interested in and sending them more information ... Learn more →